A quest for less

You don’t need a touchscreen to use your fingers.

It’s about the keyboard, you know, that board full of keys that comes attached to most desktop, office and gaming computers. Keyboards are like butterflies, a simple concept (two wings, an elongated body and a weird mouth) declined in an infinity of colors and lifespans. I use an IBM Model M from 1994, that stuff will still clickety-clack in 40 years from now:

Why a Nintendo Switch ? I didn’t have a banana, you know, for scale.

You could unplug your mouse (or your trackball if you’re a barbarian) and do everything on your computer using your keyboard and shortcuts. Windows, OS X and Linux all allow that. Why ? Speed. Fun. And style. I watched a lot of movies and series, computer nerds 1. are very good at typing and 2. don’t like sound cards (noticed how their comp beep all the time like a 1981 IBM PC ?).

I recently found a blog post titled Vim After 15 Years on Hacker News and saw this magnificent screenshot:

tmux + vim + a couple of terminals

If you haven’t closed the tab out of disappointment yet, you know what I mean: look at that, three terminals in a tmux session, one running the vi text editor, two running consoles. 100% keyboard driven goodness.

I will spend some time this weekend replicating that dream setup on my Windows 11 laptop. I already have Ubuntu running on WSL, it will mostly be a matter of fiddling with settings. Once done, I will be complete.